Diversity & Inclusion

A letter to Team 7‑Eleven:

As the deaths of George Floyd and others continue to weigh heavy on our hearts, I know you have questions about how 7‑Eleven plans to respond to society’s calls for social equity and racial justice.

At 7‑Eleven, we have always strived for equality in all we do. Our business model is based on the empowerment and success of small business entrepreneurs, regardless of their race, gender, or class. We value diversity and remain dedicated to our core values of fairness, equality, and justice for everyone.

But, as recent events have reminded us, there are inequities and injustices that continue to exist in society, and we are committed to always working to be better and improve.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we’re forming an Equality and Diversity Task Force and Roundtable, comprised of a diverse group of leaders representing different areas within the 7‑Eleven organization.

This group will begin by discussing and learning from recent events in order to assess and improve on the initial strategic pillars of employee engagement, external engagement and increasing representation. As part of the process, they will engage team members across the organization for insights and feedback.

The goal is to identify how we’re showing up as a Company, how we’re supporting you and to make recommendations for areas of improvement.

The Equality and Diversity Task Force and Roundtable will be forthcoming and action-oriented. We will give you updates on our progress along the way.

I want to emphasize that each of us can play an important role in moving us forward as an organization through introspection of our own personal views and assumptions and making an intentional effort to care about others. Together, we can create a future where differences are valued.

Treasa Bowers
Chief Diversity Officer

Check this page for more information as we progress on our journey.