The business of doing good – in our neighborhoods and for the planet.

As the premier leader in convenience, 7‑Eleven is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful difference in our communities and for the planet. Our philosophy to lead through service fuels our commitment to create positive change both in our stores and in our communities. 7‑Eleven is proud to set the standard for responsible retailing in the convenience industry. And we’re just getting started.

Our Commitment

Focus Area | People

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Our Goal

Support local communities

Focus Area | Planet

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Our Goal

Reduce CO2 emissions

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Our Goal

Shift to eco-friendly packaging for 100% of Private Brand products by 2027


Goal: Support Local Communities Through High-Impact Programs

Since 1927, 7‑Eleven has been dedicated to making life more convenient for our customers. Today, with nearly 10,000 locations across the U.S., we continue to lead through service, no matter how big the challenge. From strengthening our communities through our signature outreach programs to stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic with vital supplies and aid, 7‑Eleven is making a big impact.

A Vital Lifeline to the Community

We are proud to work with a variety of national and community organizations to provide relief where it’s needed most.

$250,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program, helping to meet the needs of people affected by disasters big and small

Provided 1M Meals through Feeding America to support local communities across the country, with an additional $860K+ raised through point-of-sale customer donations at 7‑Eleven stores

Donated $1.26M of 7-Select Go!SmartTM Organic Cold-Pressed Juices to Feeding America and its member food banks

“We are grateful for 7‑Eleven’s commitment to donate much-needed products to Feeding America member food banks. The need for food assistance is even greater due to the pandemic, but this donation will help our neighbors who struggle to put food on their tables.”

Tony Pupillo | Managing Director of Retail Food Industry Partnerships at Feeding America

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Strengthening Our Neighborhoods

7‑Eleven stores play a vital role in healthy, growing neighborhoods. We’re committed to making a difference by getting involved and giving back through community outreach programs that directly benefit the well-being of youths.

Project A-Game provides youth development opportunities through education, fitness, safety and hunger relief, helping children establish a strong foundation for their future success with more than 4,700 grants — a community investment of more than $3 million — awarded by 7‑Eleven and Franchisees.

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Designed to reduce crime and enhance relations between police and youths, more than 23 million Operation Chill® coupons have been distributed to 1,100+ U.S. law enforcement agencies over this program’s 25-year history.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

7‑Eleven is an integral part of the incredibly diverse neighborhoods we serve. Our business model is based on the empowerment and success of small business entrepreneurs regardless of race, gender or background. To ensure an inclusive customer experience and workplace, we encourage Franchisees and 7‑Eleven team members to bring their unique perspectives, talents and contributions to work every day. We strive for equality and are committed to doing even more — because we know it’s the only way we can continue to grow and innovate, both as a brand and as a society.

Equality & Diversity Task Force and Roundtable

This dedicated team of leaders representing different areas within 7‑Eleven is actively engaged in identifying ways to promote equality across the organization so we can make an even greater impact in the communities we serve.

“Recognizing that there are inequities and injustices that continue to exist in society, we are committed to doing even more. Our Equality & Diversity Task Force and Roundtable is leading our organization in building a more inclusive company and society that helps our customers, employees and partners.”

Treasa Bowers
Treasa Bowers
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at 7‑Eleven
G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Employers
Military Friendly Employer 2021 Bronze

Support for Our Veterans and Military Families

From the top down, 7‑Eleven supports military personnel and their families. We’re proud to have been recognized as one of the Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers by VIQTORY Media (GI Jobs) from 2014-2021. We’ve designed programs to encourage veteran entrepreneurship as Franchisees and we’ve also engaged in programs that promote military hiring practices, the hiring of military veterans and support of military families.

Veterans Franchise Program

Offers discounted franchise fees to qualified retired or separated veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

Army PaYS Program

In 2019, 7‑Eleven became a proud partner of the Army PaYS Program, a national strategic partnership to provide soldiers with the opportunity to serve and prepare for the future. Through this partnership, soldiers are guaranteed an interview with a preferred employer, with the possibility of employment. Since becoming a partner in mid-2019, nearly 100 PaYS soldiers have been hired by 7‑Eleven.

Veterans Jobs Mission

As a member of the JPMorgan Chase Veteran Jobs Mission, 7‑Eleven has hired thousands of veterans in full-time and part-time positions since the program’s inception in 2011. The program helps active-duty, reservists and other veterans transition from military to civilian life.

Military-Focused Philanthropy

Supports military families by teaming up with nonprofit military aid organizations.

“At 7‑Eleven, we understand and value the sacrifices veterans make for our country, and for us all. We’re proud to be a part of the Army PaYS Program that helps those who serve find employment as they transition to civilian life.”

Joe DePinto
Joe DePinto
7‑Eleven President & CEO

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Investing in Female Leadership

7‑Eleven is proud of the many outstanding female leaders within our organization, and we are committed to supporting the advancement of female leaders through our partnership with the Network of Executive Women (NEW).

Top Women in Convenience logo

Each year, Convenience Store News hosts the Top Women in Convenience awards. 7‑Eleven leaders are consistently recognized among these esteemed professionals. On behalf of us all at 7‑Eleven, congratulations to every winner for earning this impressive honor!

Network of Executive Women logo

7‑Eleven is committed to building diverse leadership from within the company, partnering with the Network of Executive Women (NEW) to develop our female leaders. Over 100 of our top female leaders participate in 7NEW programs to help build community and provide opportunities for leadership and career growth within 7‑Eleven. 


Goal: Reduce CO2 emissions in stores by 20% by 2027, using a baseline of 2015

Reducing our impact on the environment is a major focus for 7‑Eleven. We’ve taken big steps by strategically investing in several energy and sustainability programs that increase efficiency and reduce waste and consumption of resources.

We’ve already exceeded our CO2 emissions goal for 2027 – reaching 25.76% emission reduction as of July 2020. That’s the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from more than 61,000 passenger vehicles for one year.

LED Lighting – A Bright Idea in Energy Conservation

7‑Eleven’s LED lighting program is part of our energy-efficient store design standard. LED lights are energy-efficient, reduce the use of hazardous materials and comply with local regulations to reduce light pollution. Plus, they improve the quality of lighting, which supports a safer store and a better shopping experience for customers. This program is a big contributor to our overall CO2 reduction goals. As of December 2019, more than 7,000 stores featured LED lighting, resulting in an estimated annual energy-saving effect of approximately 38,756 kilowatt hours (kWh) per store. 

Collaboration with External Organizations

To enhance our role as a positive steward of the environment, 7‑Eleven is a member of the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s Retail Sustainability Initiative (RSI). RSI is an industrywide educational forum for the largest U.S. retailers. It brings its members together to share leading practices, identify future trends, benchmark with peers and collaborate on common industry sustainability challenges. 

Committed to Renewable Energy

7‑Eleven has committed to purchasing 100% percent Texas wind energy for all its Texas stores located in competitive markets. In 2019, renewable energy was provided to more than 800 stores statewide. 

Reducing Consumption and Conserving a Natural Resource

7‑Eleven understands that efficient use of energy and water helps reduce the demands on essential natural resources.

The company implemented energy management systems (EMS) in stores to monitor, control and optimize performance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Currently, more than 6,500 stores have EMS installed — combining with the installation of more than 10,000 energy-efficient HVAC units to achieve estimated energy savings of over 23,000 kWh per store, per year.

To reduce water consumption, we’re installing low-flow aerator faucets as part of our standard energy-efficient design plan for all new stores.


Goal: Shift to Eco-Friendly Packaging for 100% of Private Brand Products by 2027

7‑Eleven continually looks for ways to improve product packaging by using eco-friendly materials, reducing content and decreasing the use of plastic whenever possible. Many of our eco-friendly packaging solutions include renewable or recycled content or are derived from sustainable resources. We work hard to reduce packaging materials whenever possible without compromising product quality or safety.

Innovating with Plant-Based Plastic
Transitioned from plastic straws to a new plant-based plastic, eco-friendly fountain straw, ending petroleum-based plastic straw use for cold-dispensed beverages

Reimagining the Fountain Cup
Introduced new, lighter-weight fountain cup that uses less plastic and is 100% recyclable

Packaging from Sustainable Resources
Replaced large plastic chicken wing box with a paper corrugate alternative, eliminating 437,000 lbs. of plastic annually. The new paper alternative contains 40% post-consumer recycled content and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative