Doing Business with 7-Eleven

The entrepreneurial spirit has always been a driving force within 7‑Eleven, Inc. We are looking to create three-way wins – for our guests, vendors and 7‑Eleven – by joining with our suppliers to identify and develop quality products.

7‑Eleven purchases a wide variety of goods and services on the local, regional and national level. We are not a manufacturer, so every item we sell in our stores and all goods and services we use in day-to-day business operations must be supplied by vendors.

We are committed to working with vendors that sharpen 7‑Eleven's competitive edge by helping us better meet our customers' expectations. In addition, we seek a vendor base that reflects the ethnic and gender diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Vendor Registration and Profile Management

7‑Eleven utilizes Ariba’s Supplier Information Management solution for new vendor registration. Please click on the link below to access portal. New vendors will need to complete the registration application and submit required documents before being eligible to become a vendor of 7‑Eleven. The new vendor registration application can be assessed by clicking on the “Register as a New Supplier” link beneath the login button on the Supplier Information Management portal home page.

After creating a username and password, your submission and company profile can be viewed and edited by logging into the portal.

Please Note: a company is not considered to be a qualified vendor of 7‑Eleven after registration is completed. Consideration for potential business is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Supplier Information Management

Vendor Registration and Profile Management

Working Together Online

Working Together Online is a web-based way for prospective and existing business partners to work easily with 7‑Eleven, Inc. Suppliers, contractors, manufacturers and other companies can use the technology tool to better collaborate and communicate critical business information. Following are the various 7‑ online tools that will start the collaborative process.

7-Eleven Project Forum

The 7‑Eleven Project Forum allows partners to work with 7‑Eleven's Construction, Real Estate and Facilities departments on various asset build/improvement projects. It enables our partners to complete the following:

  • Bid, estimate or quote projects
  • Invoice for projects
  • Update project timelines
  • Provide equipment-related information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team member within the Construction, Real Estate or Facilities departments that invited you into the system.

7‑Eleven Project Forum