7-Eleven memberships that promote a healthier planet

Engaging people on the planet

Climate change is a significant global problem that we encourage all our people to learn more about. At our 2016 national conference, we provided information on the effects of climate change, and gave pedometers to all attendees for our “Steps for Good” contest. For every 500 steps a participant took, 7‑Eleven donated $1 to help the environment. Participants walked 16.5 million steps – almost 8,000 miles – raising over $33,000 for environmental initiatives. The money was donated to Conservation International (CI), an American nonprofit organization, to support efforts to educate people on ways to improve and stabilize the climate.

Conservation International (CI)

CI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet through science, policy and partnerships.

The Business & Sustainability Council (BSC) is an example of CI’s initiave. It’s a forum for corporate leaders taking positive environmental actions in their businesses – by providing members a compelling and practical blend of thought leadership and science, practical experience from the field and shared best practices across corporations and cultures. These efforts affirm the role of businesses as positive stewards of the environment.

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Retail Sustainability Initiative is an industrywide educational forum for the largest U.S. retailers. It brings its members together to share leading practices, identify future trends, benchmark with peers, and collaborate on common industry sustainability challenges. See more at www.RILA.org/sustainability.