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Monday, Nov 27, 2017

7Rewards: The 7-Eleven® Loyalty Program Just Got Bigger … and Better

IRVING, Texas (November 27, 2017) – While a Slurpee® is sweet, and a Big Gulp® is chill, there’s more to the 7Eleven® experience than bountiful beverages. 

Loyalty app users now earn points and freebies on various product purchases

IRVING, Texas (November 27, 2017) – While a Slurpee® is sweet, and a Big Gulp® is chill, there’s more to the 7Eleven® experience than bountiful beverages.

That’s why 7Rewards®  – the mobile customer loyalty app that earns users a free beverage for every six cups purchased – has expanded to enable customers to earn rewards points for hundreds of other 7‑Eleven product purchases! After extensive successful testing in Canada, the updated 7Rewards app has landed in the U.S. The 7Rewards app has not only been revamped and redesigned, but is now even more rewarding for our customers.

On Nov. 8, 7Rewards expanded its program so customers could earn points on a wide range of eligible purchases – from a Big Gulp to chips to fresh food, and more. Approximately 80% of products are available in-app for redemption. Plus, customers can earn 7Rewards bonus points on select items, as well as receive digital coupons. Now, those enrolled don’t have to have the coupons in their basket. Instead, customers simply scan an applicable item and the digital coupons will be immediately applied allowing customers to get their rewards much faster.

“Variety is important to 7‑Eleven customers. You can see it in the ever-increasing assortment of products and services offered throughout our 8,900 U.S. locations,” said Scott Albert, 7‑Eleven Director of Digital Products. “Now, we have extended that flexibility to 7Rewards, which gives our most loyal customers the chance to reap even greater benefits beyond what they earn from beverage purchases.”

Besides earning more points from more products, 7Rewards users can redeem their points on a wide menu of top-selling items (including the free beverage offered with the original 7Rewards program) found within the app.  The points program now offers several new ways to earn besides the in-app option. To sign up and earn points, customers can either download the app—which is available on the Apple store or Google Play—visit the 7Rewards online mobile website at, or chat the 7‑Eleven bot on Messenger.

“Over 9 million users were enrolled in the original 7Rewards program encouraging 7‑Eleven to expand and enhance the program to a points program,” said Tarang Sethia, 7‑Eleven Senior Director of Loyalty and CRM. “The 7Rewards Points program gamifies the customer experience, allowing consumers to earn while purchasing.”

The enhancements to 7Rewards are key aspects of a company-wide initiative to create greater customer engagement by personalizing and customizing the customer experience, both in-store and through digital technologies. 7‑Eleven updated the app specifically to make their customer’s experiences in and out of the store more even enjoyable.

“Our intent is to make every customer interaction valuable and delightful,” said Gurmeet Singh, 7‑Eleven Chief Digital Officer. “We are customer focused and constantly striving to find opportunities that create effortless interactions with the 7‑Eleven brand." 

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