7-Eleven mobile apps


7Rewards launched in 2015 to give customers incentives for buying any cup of a 7‑Eleven beverage, their way, every day. For every six drinks purchased, the seventh is free, but to participate, customers must download the 7‑Eleven app. This cool little app is used to scan and track purchases. It also gives customers a way to access exclusive offers, find their favorite stores and submit feedback.

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Bill Pay App

Customers can now pay their bills at their neighborhood 7‑Eleven thanks to a new 7‑Eleven-branded smartphone app that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store or Google Play Store. Customers can easily store their bills in this single app. When it’s time to pay, for example, utilities, a customer simply walks into a nearby participating 7‑Eleven, presses “utilities” and hands the cash to a 7‑Eleven store associate. The entire process takes less than a minute.

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On demand delivery

On-demand delivery was launched in 2015 with the San Francisco-based technology company Postmates. For shoppers at select stores in San Francisco and Austin, an assortment of 7‑Eleven hot foods, snacks, cold beverages and other convenience items were just an app tap away.

As Postmates expanded its delivery areas, new partnerships were established, including a strategic relationship with tech start-up DoorDash. In addition to delivery, the DoorDash deal includes in-store marketing, local promos and special Convenience Packs, which are basically common product groupings that make shopping at 7‑Eleven even more convenient.

A deal was also made with Tapingo, a mobile commerce app for college campuses. Now 7‑Eleven on-demand is available to the generation that redefines convenience. These digital natives are accustomed to ordering what they want with their smartphones, and the Tapingo partnership makes it easier than ever to reach this influential demographic.