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 About Us  

Our Mission is to be Your Convenient Neighborhood Store.
At 7-Eleven, our purpose and mission is to make life a little easier for our guests by being where they need us, whenever they need us. 

From sales associates to franchisees and managers, from fresh-sandwich makers to doughnut bakers, from daily-delivery drivers to department heads – all of us associated with 7-Eleven are here to ensure that we meet our store guests’ needs with fast, convenient and friendly service and the products they want while on the go.

Our Vision Is to Be the Best Retailer of Convenience.
Being the best at what we do means each 7-Eleven employee has a chance to brighten someone’s day and make life a little easier, whether it is service with a smile in the store or ensuring we have the freshest food available, day in and day out.

That means listening to our guests and changing to meet their changing needs. The products they wanted when we started were pretty simple – milk, eggs and bread. Those items are still available, but they also might include a fresh salad for lunch, chicken wings for a tailgate party, an imported bottle of wine, prepaid iTunes card or a Slurpee® drink in a cool, collectible cup. Whatever the need, we want to be the friendly, convenient, one-stop shop of choice.

Our Servant Leadership Culture Helps Us Realize Our Vision and Achieve Our Daily Mission.
Our culture encourages us to work as a team, recognize outstanding performance, do our best and be accountable to each other. We are committed to serving our guests, our co-workers and the communities in which we operate.

We would not be who we are without sales associates, store managers, franchisees and employees in the field and at our corporate headquarters/store support center who work every day to offer our guests “convenience without compromise.”

Leading by Example is Central to the Servant Leadership Culture.
Our President and CEO Joe DePinto turned the Servant Leadership philosophy into action with his example of dedication, integrity and guest focus. These values, as well as accountability, recognition, people and teamwork, outline the most important principles we, as leaders, must exemplify in a service-oriented culture like ours.

Recognizing the hard work, value and talent of people who serve our guests with a Servant Leadership Award is one way DePinto leads the company in building a service-oriented corporate culture. 7-Eleven employees also are encouraged to recognize their colleagues’ accomplishments with Servant Leadership Recognition cards.

Doing What is Right is How We Measure Success.
Since 1927, 7-Eleven has continually reinvented itself, but one thing remains constant.  We make decisions every day with our store guests in mind. Doing what is right means that we continue to deliver the value and service guests have come to expect so that they will continue to say, “Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven!”

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